As an adult I appreciate serenity and a retreat from all the comings and goings of city life.  It is so easy to forget that nature is a healer when we get caught up in the day to day activities.  Nature heals the mind by slowing us down and it is a reminder that there is a beauty in sitting still and just being.  One of my father's greatest dream was to build a hacienda in Santa Fe, New Mexico and to share this same mindfulness philosophy with others.  We are very delighted to open   Hacienda Doña Andrea and the limitless view to those in the wellness community who are seeking a venue for yoga retreats, mindfulness workshops, or healing. 


After spending years as a chef to entertainers in the music industry, it was only natural to think of Hacienda Doña Andrea as the ideal setting for culinary retreats. It all made sense.  The stunning kitchen is commercial and Santa Fe is a city for gourmets and adventurous foodies.  Dad called Douglas Merriam to photograph Hacienda Doña Andrea and we are proud to be offering his cookbook, Farm Fresh Journey, the Santa Fe Farmer's Market Cookbook, in our online shop this summer. Douglas knows photography and he knows food. His book is a real treasure. Please stay tuned for upcoming culinary retreats!