Our Hacienda offers the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. Explore Santa Fe and experience the southwestern charm the city offers, or relax in the fresh air of the mountain and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere the Hacienda provides.



The Hacienda has everything you need, for either a 1-day workshop-type Meeting, or a 3-night stay for serious reflection and group bonding time -- the choice is yours.  Overnight capacity:  30 guests, Special Events Capacity:  150.


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Privacy & Seclusion

The Hacienda is a secluded 17,000 square foot estate reserved exclusively to one group at a time, providing a serene and welcoming environment free of distractions for your planned retreat.   Even staff are generally not inside during your stay, unless something like a concierge service has been arranged.   It has the feeling of a large and luxurious vacation home, inviting a deep state of relaxation and focus.


Inspiration Found

Inspiration is found in the 120-mile views that go all the way to Colorado, peace, quiet and privacy in which to think, and conversation is sparked via our large see-through wood-burning fireplace.   Your guests can go on a solo or group nature walk up our little mountain trail (full of bird song in the morning), or even down the wide driveway. There are 65 acres, so there is space to arrange a morning or sunset power group walk, solo walks for introspection and reflection, or even space to plan a treasure hunt!  



Our classic courtyard is essentially the heart of the Hacienda, with stone pillars, festive string lights overhead for evening, wraparound portals for shade and our famous views.   It's a wonderful space for a morning stretch class, a lounging space for star gazing, or dining to view the spectacular views especially at sunset.   It's your space to use as you like. Seating capacity:   150.